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Stabilized at $1000

Yes, you read that right. Ctreet Exchange will stabilize Nint Coin at 1,000 USD per coin, meaning no sudden drops and spikes in value. Once our cryptocurrency exchange platform launches, investors, traders and other crypto enthusiasts will be able to dream big without fear!

Coin that is built by individual creativity!






What does your crypto portfolio look like? Whether you want to buy cryptocurrency or join an open-access crypto exchange, you’ve come to the right place! The Nint crypto gaming ecosystem is built on dreams and ideas – what will you bring to the table? With 1 billion coins available, 500 million coins locked for stabilization and 250 million to mine, the Ctreet Exchange is the best place to trade crypto with $0 fees. To get in on the action, set up your Nint wallet today to start investing and trading!

Nint Coin Ecosystem

3d character pack 3d character pack
— Dream big without fear =)

NintBunnies NFTs

As you saw on Tiktok &Twitter, there are 99 NintBunnies NFT for you to grab from, this is V.1, these amazing unique pixel art characters will be on our Blockchain game as part of our Venture Capital fund, you as owner will benefit from royalty each time gamer plays with your character, and you will get paid in Nint coins.
Each bunny is connected with Nint Coins wallet, each will have 1000 Nint Coin, but one will have 1 Million Nint Coins.
These wallets will be the one we send the royalties to each month, if you sell your character, next owner will have new wallet and new Nint coins will be sent to them.
V.2 & V.3 will have another 99 characters each, it will be launched after the game is out.
As owner of V.1 character you will have exclusive access and more.

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- Easy to set up and use
- Access from any device
- Manage your portfolio
- Encryption technology keeps you secure
- Dedicated support team
- Ideal for both beginners and experienced traders


- 1B coins
- $0.1 base value
- 250M to mint
- $1T Ecosystem
- Unlimited growth
- Creative community
- Exchange Platform
- Crypto VC Fund